How to Sign Up for Khan Academy & Join My Class

Class Code: 6AXZ3W

This is a quick 7 minute video that tells you how to:

1. Sign up for Khan Academy

2. Join my class (aka "add me as a coach")

3. Change your name so you show up on my roster as your actual name rather than your email address

... Or you can follow the step by step instructions below

1. Go to the Khan Academy website

Khan 1.JPG

The web address is:

2. Click on the green link "Start learning now"

Khan 2.jpg

If you already have an account, you can just log in and skip to STEP 7

3. Create an account (you can choose how)

Khan 4.jpg

Personally, I sign in with Gmail. That way I do not have to remember a new username and password to a new website.

If you sign in with Gmail or Facebook, then each time you visit the site you will click "log in" in the top right of the screen. It will ask you the same question as always, "Sign in with Facebook, Sign in with Gmail or enter a username and password". Choose the same method every time you visit the site. Again, I suggest using a Google/Gmail account.

4. Choose an Avatar and Hit "Save"

Khan 6.jpg

In the image I just chose the first one available, but you can choose any of the first three avatars. You will unlock more as you use Khan Academy and earn points and badges.

5. Choose Your Subject - "Algebra I"

Khan 8.jpg

It will bring up the subject menu for you. Hover your mouse over Math (the big red arrow with a one in it). Then move your mouse over to the right and click on "Algebra I"

6. Click "Start" to Begin

Khan 12.jpg

Khan Academy forces you to click start once before they allow you the freedom to move around the site.

7. Click on "Khan Academy" to Return to Your Homepage

Khan 12.jpg

You can always click on this link and return to your homepage (called your "learning dashboard")

8. Click on "Coaches" to Add Me As a Coach

Khan 14.png

This is where you will be able to add teachers as coaches so they can monitor your progress and make recommendations.

9. Enter Class Code "6AXZ3W" and Click "join the class"

Khan 16.jpg

Each class has its own unique code. For example, I have eight difference courses on Khan Academy that I monitor. This lets me keep track of my algebra students in one class separately from my geometry students in another class. I can monitor them separately and recommend separate assignments.

10. Click on Your Username in the Top Right

Khan 18.jpg

Notice that "Brendan Dilloughery" now shows up as a coach on your Khan Academy page.

We are clicking in the top right to go to your profile and change your "Name" on the site. This way you show up on my class roster as your name instead of your email address (which sometimes are vague or silly).

11. Select "Profile" from the Drop Down Menu

Khan 25.jpg

Again, we are going into your profile to change your "Name" on the site. This way you show up on my class roster as your name instead of your email address (which sometimes are vague or silly).

12. Click "Close" on the Welcome Page

Khan 31.jpg

13. Click on "Pick a username"

Khan 36.jpg

14. Type your name "Last, First" where it says "REAL NAME"

Khan 41.jpg

This is for two reasons:

1. It is so I can see your actual name on my class roster instead of just your email address (which might be hard to figure out which student is which)

2. If you put your last name first, I can sort alphabetically and it makes entering grades for me A LOT easier and quicker (and less prone to mistakes).

15. Leave the rest blank and click "Save"

Khan 43.jpg

Add a description here, or hide it by clicking "Show/Hide Description" under the gear icon for this content.

16. Return to your homepage or "Learning Dashboard"

Khan 51.jpg

You can always click on the "Khan Academy" logo in the top left to return to your home page (aka your Learning Dashboard)

17. Click "Start" on Algebra I

Khan 55.jpg

It's time to begin learning and practicing!

18. You Mission Warm-Up Opens Automatically. Click "Get Started"

Khan 61.jpg

This is a pre-test to see what you know. You are not meant to know all the questions or get an "A" on it.

19. Take the Pre-Test. It is OK to say "I haven't learned this yet."

Khan 71.jpg

This is a pre-test to see what you already know. Don't fake it. If you don't know something, click "I haven't learned this yet." If you can't remember how to do it but you have learned it, click on "I'd like a hint" and complete the problem, thought it will be marked as incorrect if you ask for a hint.

20. Close the "Progress Made" screen

Khan 81.jpg

21. Begin Practicing - This is your Mission Screen

Khan 90.PNG

This shows you a lot of information. This is one of two possible layouts where you can access the material. This screen will show you recommendations that I make for you and continually suggest "Mastery Challenges" to level up your skills.

22. Click in the top right to switch views

Khan 91.jpg

After completing the Mastery Challenges and teacher recommendations, it can be helpful to switch screens on how to view the algebra curriculum. There is one other way to really view the subject matter. Click in the top right where it says, "View full list of Algebra 1 content". The explanation of what that looks like is below.

23. Algebra as a Sequence (almost exact same order as our class)

Khan 94.PNG

The mission screen is a great place to start. It gives you mastery challenges to level up your skills and it lets you see what skills I have recommended to the class. However, once you have completed those, you can navigate through algebra yourself at any pace. Each of the sections on the right is split into smaller sections of videos and practice problems. Enjoy exploring!

24. To return to your Mission Screen click in the top right

Khan 95.jpg

In the top right there will almost always be a link to return to your Algebra 1 Mission. If this link is not there for some reason, click on the Khan Academy logo to return to your home page (aka Learning Dashboard) and start over navigating the web site. I have been using the site for years and sometimes I just get lost on the site and start over from my homepage. It is very helpful to have that button.

25. Teacher Recommendations

Khan 98.PNG

As we progress through the course, I will suggest materials for you to practice. These recommendations that I make will show up on your mission screen. In bright orange capital letters you will see "RECOMMENDED BY BRENDAN DILLOUGHERY". You can click on "Practice" next to the skill to begin practicing.

26. Mastery Challenges

Khan 100.PNG

After you practice some skills, or if you haven't logged on in a day or two, Khan Academy gives you "Mastery Challenges." This is a place where Khan Academy asks you a few questions (one from each topic) and if you get it right you level that skill up. Normally you must go into an exercise and complete 5-in-a-row, but with Mastery Challenges you can get just one question right and skip over some skills. Always complete Mastery Challenges first, then complete teacher recommendations after.

27. You can always return to your "Learning Dashboard"

Khan 51.jpg

Remember: No matter where you are on the site or what you are doing, you can always click on the Khan Academy logo in the top left to return to your home page (aka your Learning Dashboard). In case you don't know how you got somewhere or you are lost, click the logo and then navigate back to Algebra 1.

28. Then you can use this screen to navigate

Khan 55.jpg

Any time you return to your home page (aka Learning Dashboard), you can start working on Algebra by just clicking "Start" on Algebra 1.

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